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    Murano glass table lamp by Eros Raffael


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    Period: Italy, 21th century

    Material: Murano glass

    Measurements: 116 cm H (incl. lamp shade) x 29 cm Diam




    Born on the island of Murano, Eros Raffael began practicing the ancient art of glassmaking at the age of 14, learning from the best masters whose secrets had been past down over centuries of well-guarded tradition. At the age of 14, he worked as an assistant for the chandelier-maker Mazzuccato and then later for the glass-maker Hans Peter Neidhardt. After mastering glass-making in the 1990s with the help of his mentor, Adriano dalla Valentino. In 1996, he opened his own glass studio where he began his career creating art glass for light sconces. Each sconce is handmade by Raffael, which is why no two pieces are exactly alike, a very unique trait in the world of lighting.


    Now, Raffael takes this knowledge and develops it further to develop a mixed technique which combines furnace processing and glass fusing. The result: simple minimalist lines combined with contrasting refined processes. Proving that ancient work can be revisited in a contemporary fashion, this master rigorously pushes the boundaries of his art, He has won multiple awards for his fantastic work.


    “I love manipulating glass to create innovative shapes and decorations!” – Eros Raffael


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