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    Impressive Empire console table with two carved wooden lions

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    Attributed to Eduard Muller (1760–1830)
    Materials: Mahogany and black marble top
    Period: Ca 1810
    Measurements: 91 x 136 x 57 cm
    Provenance: Dutch private collection


    This imposing Empire console table with seated carved wooden lions is made up of block-like shapes that together with the lions form a beautiful whole. The mirror serves to enhance the effect of the furniture. The backs of the lions are mirrored and are impressively  visible through the mirror.

    This Empire console table is made in the Empire period,. Empire was an international style imposed by Napoleon. Empire furniture is architecturally constructed, has a strong shape and has a straight line. Mahogany was without exception the type of wood in which the furniture was made. This console table also has a sleek shape, has an architectural structure and is made of mahogany. The furniture is decorated with the imposing lions that carry the top. It gives this piece of furniture a distinguished appearance. The lion had been a symbol used for decorative elements for centuries. It is undisputed that these seated lions give this console table a powerful and stately appearance.

    The beautiful way and the high quality with which the lions are carved shows us that a craftsman has been at work here. This console can be attributed to Eduard Muller (1760–1830) in The Hague, who was trained as a sculptor and who made various pieces of furniture with beautiful carvings.

    In 1808, King Lodewijk Napoleon had Amsterdam’s town hall turned into a royal palace. In addition to the necessary architectural changes, hundreds of furniture and other objects were purchased from furniture makers, upholsterers and other suppliers. Eduard Muller was one of the suppliers of furniture to the Royal Palace Amsterdam.


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