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    A William and Mary Marquetry Mirror

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    Period: Ca 1700

    Measurements: 88 cm H x 80 cm W

    Provenance: Dutch private collection for over 40 years


    Though the reign of William and Mary lasted only a few short years, this era ushered in a distinctive style of furniture and furniture-making that still bears their name. William and Mary furnishings represented a more refined way of living, replacing heavy and often cumbersome pieces of furniture from the previous decades. Furnishings from this period are extremely rare and highly collectible, as is the case with this exceptionally fine mirror. Mirror glass was a particular luxury during the latter 17th century, for it was in short supply and, at the time, only produced and exported from Italy. A large example such as this incredibly rare William and Mary mirror would have belonged to a family of great wealth and prestige. Since the process to produce mirrored glass was so costly and labor-intensive, the frames that surrounded these treasured items were important in both function and design.


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