The snuff-box is cartouche shaped and the sides and reverse is finely engraved with flowers, foliage and scrolls, the hinged lid set with four rose diamonds and engraved with scrolling leafage, centered by an applied blue enamelled W. A rope motif has been placed in the engraving at the top of the W, which forms a heart and a stylized knot at the bottom.


This snuff box is in all probability given as a present around 1860 by King William III (1817-1890). Snuff boxes like this one are known to have been regularly given as gifts by King William III on occasions. The company C.M Weishaupt Söhne often worked for royal houses and the nobility. When royalties wanted to show their appreciation for services rendered, or their affection for certain persons, they did so in a truly royal manner; by donating a gold snuff-box, the lid of which bore their portrait or monogram, whether or not ringed with diamonds.


The letter W made in Nassausch-blue enamel without a crown, as well as the symbols of love (the heart) and of loyalty (a “marriage knot” known from Old Netherlandish folklore) applied in the engraving point to the private character of this rare royal gift, which is still in the same condition in which it was then presented by His Majesty.