Can you integrate (old) art and antiques into a modern interior? How does this best reflect your interior style? What are tips and tricks. Which is definitely a no go. Daatselaar’s view on the surprising effects and possibilities in this area.

“Cross collecting is the word of the moment.”

Cross collecting is the word of the moment. So, both invest in art and antiques, but combine them with contemporary objects in a modern interior. That can even be a hypermodern interior. Modern and antique reinforce each other. The antique object or work of art becomes a striking and unique piece in the room. An antique piece of furniture can greatly enhance a very modern interior.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match. It really doesn’t have to be expensive either. See what happens when you mix and match. You will also see that something of good quality always looks good and gives the interior an upgrade. Any interior.


Every object has its own character and appearance, so buy consciously. Buy something that touches and appeals to you, which you fall in love with, so to speak, but also get good advice.

“Antiques fit in with the sustainability trend.”

The great thing is that this Cross Collecting trend appeals to a whole new, younger generation. It makes old art and antiques more accessible and popular again.

Antiques also fit in with the sustainability trend. The tree that was once cut down for your antique cabinet will serve as at least 300 years and may last another 300 years.


Daatselaar opens her new gallery, Daatselaar The Collection, in the center of Utrecht. With the rebranding of Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques and the new gallery, a new chapter begins in the history of one of the most important art and antiques dealers in the Netherlands. At the new location, the collection of antique objects and works of art is displayed in a contemporary setting.


“With the new location in the center of Utrecht and with the energy that the city gives, I show the pleasure of living with art to a wider audience.” Ilse Daatselaar

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